Rubik’s Cube Magic Tricks Stun America’s Got Talent

Most of us can even solve a Rubik’s cube. But Steven Brundage has become a Rubik’s cube master. He showed off his impressive magic tricks involving the famous 3-D puzzle on America’s Got Talent and completely stunned the judges. How’d he do that?!   Funny – Viral Viral Videos

Beanz – Remember | Dir. @MilesMeyer

Beanz – Remember | Dir. @MilesMeyer The post Beanz – Remember | Dir. @MilesMeyer appeared first on Hip Hop Illustrated. Original article: Beanz – Remember | Dir. @MilesMeyer. Artist on the Rise – Hip Hop Illustrated

Black-Ish’s Kenya Barris Shares He Believes In ‘All Lives Matters’, Talks Show Taking On Police Brutality

With police brutality at the forefront of today’s conversation; Black-Ish creator Kenya Barris delved into the conversation for his feature on The Hollywood’s Reporter’s roundtable with fellow comedy show runners. Surprisingly enough, Barris opened up about his own beliefs on the #BlackLivesMatter movement in which he shared he believed in…

Ron Funches Stops By Conan To Talk About His Vacation Plans And Working With Justin Timberlake

Last night on an episode of Conan, a slightly smaller Ron Funches sat down to talk about his love for Marijuana, and museums all in that order. He ended up delving into his travel requirements and recent trip to Amsterdam. Before he left, Ron shared what his working experience was…

Blac Youngsta – Kid Cudi (Official Music Video)

Blac Youngsta continues to promote his Yung & Reckless mixtape with an official music video for “Kid Cudi,” directed by Zae and JerryPHD. Watch below. The post Blac Youngsta – Kid Cudi (Official Music Video) appeared first on rapWAVE. Music Videos – rapWAVE The post Blac Youngsta – Kid Cudi…

Alexander The Great VS Ivan The Terrible

Alexander The Great is one of world history’s most famous leaders. You know you’re a big deal when history remembers the word ‘great’ as apart of your name. But can the great Alexander take on Ivan the Terrible?     Funny – Viral Viral Videos

Leslie Jones Shares Back Story To Dress Controversy On ‘Live With Kelly’

Earlier today, Leslie jones made a visit to Livee With Kelly. For her tome there she went on to discuss her career, weight loss, her dating list, and the controversy surrounding her Ghostbuster’s premiere dress. In Living Color alumn Carrie Ann Inaba sat in as a co-host. When it came…

Raja Veli – For Free – July 2016

Raja Veli – For Free – July 2016 The post Raja Veli – For Free – July 2016 appeared first on Hip Hop Illustrated. Original article: Raja Veli – For Free – July 2016. Artist on the Rise – Hip Hop Illustrated

Here’s 5 Comedy Stars Who Love To Gamble

The list of celebrities that love to play poker or gamble in general continues to grow, as do the games themselves. From actors, athletes, comedians and rock stars, casino games are booming like never before. Even some memorable comedy films have been based around gambling and Las Vegas, like The…

Power Lifting At The Gym In Old Man Costume

Power lifter Kenneth Leverich teamed up with Thrillist to prank the people exercising at the gym. The former Junior Olympic weightlifter went undercover wearing an old man costume and mask to shock passersby as he lifted giant weights over his head.    Funny – Viral Viral Videos